Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lets Go Fly a Kite!

 Hi there. We had a wonderful three weeks with my little sister Hope. She stayed with us while my Mom was in Colorado. We had so much fun playing games, going for walks and bike rides. I worked on my homeschooling skills, and she was so much help to me with Austin. I got canning done and so much house work done it was crazy! I had some major cleaning that need to be done in Austin's room and I finally got that done while she was her. I also cleaned my entire house in one day! Noah and I also got to go on a date while Naomi Kowles watched Austin and Hope. It was so fun to get out for couple of hours with my man.
  Well the last weekend that she was with us Noah decided to make a kite with her. Noah and Hope ran around town picking up the supplies they needed and the came home and tackled the project. They went to Josiah's and cut the sticks they needed for the frame and found a pink shower curtain at Goodwill for the body of the kite. Noah was a very willing teacher and Hope loved having something to do with Noah. She loves spending time with him.

Hope and Noah with the frame of their kite.

Austin wants to help too!

Here they are trying it out. 
Gotta love that face!!
Austin loves his Dad!
Look at me!
   We packed a picnic lunch, blankets, kites, fishing poles and a camera and headed out for a family picnic. Here are some of our picture from our afternoon at Hodag Park. It was a beautiful fall day with lovely, bright, fall colors. The weather was beautiful and Austin loved playing in the leaves (it was Austin's first picnic). We had to try our new kite out too but, unfortunately there was not enough wind for them to fly it, so they went fishing instead. Austin loved getting to swing and play on the playground. We stuck his hands in feet in the water too! He never gets tired of being outside. It was such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.We ended the afternoon with going home and taking a nap!

Some fall colors at Boom lake
Loves the swing!

Loves the leaves!      
Noah and Hope fishing. Thought this was so cute!
Loves being outside with his Daddy!
My guys!
Trying out the big kid slide.
Go Hope! She was just a pro on the monkey bars. She showed both Noah and I up.


  1. These pictures are SOOOO fun. Thank you. Austin is a great face maker!

  2. I just found your blog :D I miss you!