Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two years and still in LOVE as day One!!!

   Noah and I celebrated our second anniversary this year.  Our second anniversary!!! I can hardly believe it has been two years already. The Friday night before Noah planned a little special evening for us at home with a beautifully set table,  flowers, cards and food. He even cleaned up the kitchen as I rushed out early that morning to help my sister in law Jenny for the day. Austin went to bed and we had a delightful evening together. Our anniversary is over Memorial weekend so Noah and I decided to go and spend the weekend up at my Uncle Tom and Aunt Kay’s for the weekend because he wanted to spend the day of our anniversary in Lacrosse. KayLee was not working so she said she would watch him. 
   We traveled to Black River Falls on Saturday and Had a fun evening just chilling. Of course over the course of the weekend I had to get a trip to The Merchant General Store in. My favorite store to visit when in town. My cousin works at the library in town and because of the library being closed for the holiday she had to go in and empty the book drop. Austin and I went with her and Austin had a blast playing with the toys and having the place to himself. We even had time to get a pizza party in. Love times with my family. Jonathan and Noah found a place to bike that they loved so they went twice in two day.
    On Monday we headed of to lacrosse right away in the morning. I (Mom was a little anxious to leave her little boy behind as it is not something I have ever done. It was ok though and I was very excited to spend the day with Noah. We had a beautiful drive up there through some farm county. Beautiful, well kept farms and lots of rolling hills. It rained on and off most the day so we were not able to walk the board walk along the River. We got to go shopping though!!! We went to the mall and a couple other store. 
   We found a Catholic Shrine to tour called the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  It was located in  the middle of the words with a beautiful walking trail. It was very interesting to see their customs and tradiotions and very sad as well. As I watched one lady sitting in the back she looked so sad and desperately seeking God but finding no answers. Every where you turned people were praying to statues, lighting candles and paying money. All looks so good and glorius but in the end I know is such a hopeless loss with out a true understanding of  God and biblical salvation. They had a memorial to unborn (aborted) babies. It was so sad to read all of the statistics of the staggering amount of aborted babies, little precious lives that God created. Seeing the grief and pain it ultimately causes in the end as well. I just had to walk around reading all the words crying out to God for mercy on us, such sinful people and open our eyes to our wickedness. (Also the whole time thanking our heavenly Father for the precious life inside me!) 
   It was then late in the afternoon so we headed back as we still had to make the trip from Black River Falls to home. Noah decieded on the way home for supper we had to stop at A&W and give Austin another first time experiences. Austin of course loved it and had his first on tap A&W root beer from a cold frothy mug. He enjoyed every second of dinner!
   Well I have been truly blessed beyond words. The last two years have not necessarily been the easiest but then no one ever told me it was going to be. It is a wild ride sometimes but I am loving every minute of it and thanks God for where he has me in life. Being married had taught me so many things and I am still learning everyday. I serve a true and mighty God.

Noah's set table for my birthday and our Anniversary!
Austin playing tractors at Aunt Kay's 
 Lady of Guadalupe 
Votive Candle Chapel 
Memorial to unborn babies.
 Lady Guadalupe with babies.