Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our First Garden 2013!!!

   Well I decided I was going to try my hand at a little gardening this year but we didn't know how the soil here was for gardening so we went very little to see how it would go. Austin and I planted it. We got it in late but I thought hey it will be fun anyway even if we don't get much. So little man and I along with the help of my sister set off to work a little plot in the back yard. It was already July! Opps, I know it should have already been in the ground for over a month by then.
   We planted a pumpkin plant, three tomato plants, nine corn seeds, two rows of lettuce, 8 hot pepper plants and parsley. We will see how it goes. At least it will give Austin and I a little something to do. He loves watering and has his own watering can. He did really good at staying out of the garden too. He did love digging in the dirt the few times that I allowed him. He liked trying to pick the weeds as well. I learned how to pollinate a pumpkin plant. Love the things that Noah taught me about gardening. Can't wait till Lord willing when we have a big garden and we are all working on it all the time side by side.
   Well last week we cleaned the garden out. We didn't get any ripe tomatoes as we got out plants in to late but a friend told me to put them in the basement under newspaper so I thought we would give it a try and see if they would ripen. Austin helped me pick all the produce that was left in the garden and the pull the plants and put all our cages and pots away. I always enjoy teaching him new things and watching him imitate what I do. We have fun being outside together. Praising the Lord for my little boy and how busy he keeps me.

Hope and Austin digging up the garden.
Blueberry lemonade!

My hard working helper!!
Austin tilling (playing)  in between plants!
Picking flowers! 
So excited about picking his pumpkin!

Corn from our garden.

Picking hot peppers!!
Picking our tomatoes.