Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day

   We had a pretty quiet day. Noah worked for a couple of hours at the shop. Austin and I cleaned the house and went for our usual walk and played outside. His newest outdoor toy is the clothesline. His feet start kicking and his arms waving when every we walk near it. If I hold him up to the line he will grab it with both hands and put his mouth on it and laugh and laugh and laugh.  I got a surprise visit from Rachel Towle and had a wonderful chat with her. Noah and Austin took a nap in the afternoon while I just putts around. The to finish off the evening we had a bonfire with smores, Velie style and our family devotions. It was a very lovely evening together as a family. It was so fun to watch Austin watch the fire. He loved his first taste of roasted marshmallow. Yep start them out young I say! One lick was not enough and I had a mad little boy on my hands for a little bit. Austin likes food more than any other baby I have ever seen.

Waiting for the fire to be just right for roasting marshmallow!

Our family

Austin covered in marshmallow!