Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blessed beyond words!!

   If I even began to tell you all the wonderful blessings that my wonderful Lord and Savior has so richly bestowed on me this last month you would have to be willing to sit down and listen to me for hours. I will how ever give a few of the highlights.
   Noah and I got married on May 28th. In Ladysmith, WI. It was a beautiful day and many of our family and friends attended, Noah's parents were unable to attend due to a heart attack that his Dad had suffered several weeks before the wedding. (Praise the Lord he is ok and on the road to complete recovery). My grandpa was able to marry us so that was a very special thing as well. Everything went very well and I have so many wonderful family and friends to thank I could have never gotten the beautiful day I wanted without all theirs help. I give all the praise for the wonderful wedding we had to the Lord. The main focus I wanted for my wedding was it to be glorifying to the Lord.  Also with the wedding came the wonderful help of so many friends and family in setting up and the clean up.
   Honeymoon!! Noah and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and were able to be there for a whole week. It was absolutely wonderful. It was so cool to be able to see the ocean and stick my toes in the warm water. I expected it to be cold but, it was warm and blue as could be. We were able to see so many beautiful sites. Our God is such a beautiful creator! The best part about our trip was just being able to spend time together. I love you Noah!

It was just BEAUTIFUL!!!

I never got tired of looking at the ocean or seeing all the flowers. It was a very beautiful trip.

                           I LOVE YOU NOAH!!!
      I married a man who did not do a lot of house cleaning and he lived with his brother and lets just say the house was not the cleanest! So before I even moved in I had discussed with Noah how I was not going to move everything to his house right away and that I would wait till I had the house cleaned up as it would be easier to clean without having to move all the extra stuff around. I already had my plan of action all laid out before the wedding of how I was going to tackle the task of cleaning the house from top to bottom. Then my mom was coming up with a bunch of my stuff and help me settle in. Well needless to say when Noah and I pulled into our humble abode at 5:30 am what we were seen was enough to make me want to cry tears of JOY!!! Nikki Conjurske along with many other people from church and family and friends cleaned our house from top to bottom! They washed the carpets and couches. They finished cleaning out Noah's room and setting it up. The lawn was mowed, yard picked up and clothes line fixed! Bathroom and kitchen were scrubbed spotless as well as the basement being cleaned as well. As I walked around my new dwelling place I just found more and more things done. Jerry fixed several of the leaking faucets around the house. They had just completely blown my mind away. Also most of my stuff had been brought to the house and placed in the space room by some friends of our after the wedding. Then to top it all off there was so much food left at our house to last Noah and I months. The refrigerator and freezer were stocked as well as a table full of food. There was all the household cleaning products I could ever need along with paper products and laundry soaps. Every time I turned a corner there was some thing else. Gifts and flowers had been left all over the house as well.

This is what we walked in the door to!

I was speechless!

I couldn't wait to start cooking for Noah! There was just not a single thing that we could have needed by the time they were done stocking our house.
The comforter set from Caitlin, Pauline and Abby
Our house simply smelled wonderful when we walked inside. There were flowers everywhere thanks to Harmony!
~Thanks Harmony my favorite!~
There were two beautiful hanging baskets hanging outside as well from Noah's boss.

   So here is just a glimpse of the many blessing that my great Lord and Savior has bestowed on me. I pray that I would walking a way that is worthy of them. The greatest blessing that I have ever received is the Salvation of my Lord Jesus Christ. Who sent His only Son down to this earth and saved a sinful retch like me. I once was blind but know I see! Thank you so much dear Lord for you Amazing Saving Grace!

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  1. Wow. This was fun to see pictures of! Thank you so much. I don't know how I missed them before.