Monday, February 18, 2013

A New Years Eve Party!!!

Not to be left out he had to toast in the New Year as well.
Can you believe it this little guy as awake at Midnight.       

Bringing in the New Year as a family!
Can you believe it these two are still up at MIDNIGHT!!!!
Joyce and I

Brianna and I
Toasting in the New Year 
Just being us.
It was cold but he braved it for a little while. Praise the Lord Auntie Wendy lives across the street.

Skating on New Years day with Auntie
   We had a fun New Years Eve and Day. My sister Brianna came up for a couple of day before her mission trip. We went shopping, to a white elephant party and skating, played games and laughed and laughed and laughed. But on a more serious note we had some great encouraging talks about were we where with the Lord in our personal lives. She is such a huge blessing to me and one of my closest friends. 
  Josh and Joyce came over to our house to bring in the New Year with us and we had sparkling grape juice at Midnight! A Velie tradition that I am now adding to our family traditions. We started out the evening at Timothy and Nikki's for a white elephant party and tortillas and then finished off the night with a party at our house and of course we had to bring out the snacks. Us girls watched a movie and the guys putts on their phone and the computer. Austin went down to sleep but got up about 10:30 and I figured it was pointless to try and get him back to sleep. So Austin got to spend his first New Years Eve seeing in the New Year.
   On New Years Day we had some friends over for breakfast and then we went skating and played games, eat more food of course and talked and laughed till our sides hurt. Truly thankful to the Lord for such great christian friends. 
   I am so looking forward to what this new year has in store for us and praying that I will be in total service of the Lord and to come to the end of this year knowing more about Him and having a stronger and closer walk with Him.


  1. Fun reading. Thanks for the peak into your lives.

  2. Love the pictures. I'm more surprised about Noah staying up til midnight than Austin.