Friday, February 24, 2012

A look at the PAST!!!!

Wow I can't even begin to believe all that has happened this last year! I will give a brief summary of this past year.

   January: Only four months left till my wedding so I was very busy with wedding plans and shopping. I stilled did not have a dress yet either as of the beginning of this month and my time was running out! I was desperately looking for a MODEST wedding dress and within the budget too. So these two together were taking a little time but with much prayer and a lot of help from my mom on January 14th I finally found The Dress!! It was a big answer to prayer and just wonderful to have the finally done and out of the way. Just another one of God's wonderful blessing to me and another sign to me that if we give it to God and honor Him He will answer our requests. The rest of the month was used to finish getting wedding lists together and working 4-5 days a week.
   February: Work and more wedding plans!!! My wonderful friend Emily came and visited the last weekend of the month as a last girls single weekend. We had a blast. We went shopping in Eau Claire and eat at the Olive Garden and had to come home in a snow storm. We watched movies eat snacks and just talked and laughed listened to the Celtic Women and had a great, great time of fellowship!! Thank you Lord for Christian friends.
   March: Lots of wedding shopping. My dress came and it is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!! It was more than every dream come true. The Lord is so good.
   April: Two months till wedding! Sent out invitations, with lots of help from Mom and Deanna. Working on wedding favors and wedding desserts. Things are coming along but I still have a ton to do! Also I was given the best wedding shower ever. I was totally blessed beyond words and was given the best shower gifts ever.
   May: Only one month till my wedding!!! Wedding ring for Noah (check), dress and wedding attire (check), suits to the cleaner (check), 705 wedding desserts made (check). Everything all ready to and most definitely something I could not have done by myself. Thanks so much to all my friends and family for all your help! Aunt Melissa threw me a personal shower and my church family threw me a surprise birthday party. I was thrown a going away part at work and had to say goodbye to some of the most wonderful Christan ladies that I ever worked with.  It was one of the busiest months of my life and much joy and tears. my family and husband to be are just wonderful!! May 28, 2011 I got married to the man that I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with!!
   June: Spent the first couple days in Hawaii with my husband on our honeymoon. Come back to a house that was completely cleaned from top to bottom with lots of my stuff moved in. More food and house hold supplies to last us months as well as many other gifts. We had youth meetings at our church and the guest speaker was Roy Daniel from South Africa. They were great messages that he brought and Harmony and I were in charge of the food. We had so much fun planning, shopping making food and serving. I so can't wait till we do it again next year. We will be in our new church next year as well so that will be even more wonderful.
   July: We had the girls camp called Camp of Hope and I was the cook. I loved planning the menu and making the food. I was able to spend a lot of time with Angie and she was a huge blessing to me. Our special speaker at the camp was Jenny Daniel and she spoke right to my heart. She is a dear woman of the Lord and very pleasant to be around. I am very blessed to know her and very much look forward to next year. I spent the whole week up at the camp and had a wonderful time of fellowship and fun and laughs with them all.
   August: In August I got a job at Golden Harvest again and started working on to go deli ideas for them for when there new coolers come in. Brianna's graduation party from high school with a visit from Nicole and Jason and the surprise of Zack coming with them. Aaron and Naomi Kowels came and stayed a weekend with us. I had a wonderful time of fellowship with Naomi and getting to know her better and better. We also found out that we were expecting our first little bundle of joy!!! Also at the end of the month Harmony came and stayed with us and Jeremy and Deana came for a night as well. I took a day off work and we went to the zoo in Minocqua! Had so much fun seeing the faces of the little boys with all the animals. One little unshy baby goat even jumped in the stroller on top of Joshua!!
   September: Colorado Trip!!!! What a blast. Brianna came with us  and we were gone for 5 days and the memories we made were wonderful. The guys had a mountain climbing trip scheduled and us girls spent the day shopping. Oh the laughs and joys we had on the trip. At the shopping center us girls all found out from the street selling perfume boy that we were all three "misters"! We also got to spend a wonderful Sunday afternoon and evening up in the mountains with the Silverberg family and catch up. It was a long trip home but well worth it! We also were trying very had to finish up our new church building so we can have our Keith Daniel meetings there. He is a Missionary speaker from South Africa.
   October: Our new church building is finished!!! The night before the Friday night meetings we all work hard and are able to finish up all the last minute things. The meeting went very good. Announced that we were expecting baby Brainard in April! We went for a weekend to Aunt Kay and Uncle Tom's and spent the day shopping in Eau Claire with my cousin KayLee.
   November: Thanksgiving!! My all time favorite holiday!!! I am so very Thankful for my husband. We went to Mom and Dad's and spent it with the Velie side. Noah's Dadand Mom came up as well and we had a Brainard Thanksgiving on Saturday and had a great day of spending time together as family complete with a HAM dinner! We served at a wedding with my family and Noah and I learned how to polka!!! It was quite funny to watch I am sure. Loved watching mom and dad though.
   December: December, our year is coming to an end am I am very excited to be spending my first Christmas with Noah. I got Christmas cards in the mail and I baked a few goodies. I am now 5 months pregnant and starting to show. We have snow and I have my lights up. It is just a wonderful time of year. Winter is a blast. I love the picture of how snow is what our wonderful Lord and Savior washes us as clean as. So blessed with the wonderful things the Lord does for us in salvation. Noah and I celebrated Christmas at our house together and had a little special evening just the two of us. We than packed up the next day and went Dad and Mom's. I love being with family and it was special to be joined by Grandpa and Grandma Velie. We had lasagna and lots of goodies! I eat till I was over stuffed that is for sure. We played game and where joined by Uncle Karl, Aunt Melissa, and Matthew is the evening. We went ice skating and had a joyous time. One week later Mom, Dad and the family came to our house for two days and celebrated in the New Year with us.
  I have so many blessing to be thankful for. The Lord is always faithful and sees us through so many things. I love my husband and look forward to the coming of our baby in April. I pray in this next year the Lord will continue to teach me many things and that I will continuously draw closer to Him.

Monday, February 6, 2012

True Homecooking!!!

   One of my instructors at school always put me in a team with two other girls and called us team homecooking because we always seemed to lean more towards the comfort foods in our lab classes as apposed to some of the more fancier cooking the other class mates would do.Well a lot of the cooking is still what I do. I hits close to home, has lots of memories and is good for working wives!!!
   So tonight's meal was Venison Beef Stew with fresh baked Biscuits!!! Noah loved it, I loved it and it was easy. I had to be out of the house by 7:10 this morning to be to a chiropractor appointment and wanted to have it in the crockpot ready to go. I got up at six make breakfast, assembled the stew and got ready to work and made it to my appointment just in time!!! One minute to spare. Then tonight I just thickened it with a little potato starch and made my biscuits. They were supper easy and the best recipe I found yet!! Yea for my Basic cookbook. Thanks Deanna!

   Now my husband is gone to get a computer cd form his brothers house and I am sitting here sipping hot tea and blogging. Something I really want to do more of. I also have to have 1 Corinthians 13:1-4 memorized for Wednesday night prayer meeting. I am just loving winter and still hoping and praying that we will get some more snow.