Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dairy Free Ice Cream

   So I have been off of dairy for a little over three months. When Austin was about three weeks old he seemed to cry a lot and kicking his feet as if he had a tummy ache for days. So I decided to try and go off a few things and see if I could narrow it down to anything and I came up with dairy. After I cut it from my diet it was like he was a completely different baby. He was happy and content without having to be held all the time. Praise the Lord, it was so hard seeing my little guy in pain and not knowing what to do for him.
   Well all that said and done I really miss drinking milk and eating ice cream. Well I tried coconut milk and it wasn't bad but there is really no good substitute for milk but that is ok. Also ice cream, there is some good dairy free options out there, however they a hard on the pocket book. So I decided to try this.  Dairy free Strawberry ice cream. All I needed for it was frozen strawberries and banana, Coconut milk and vanilla. Throw it in the blender and vuala! A wonderful hot summers day treat. It did not however taste very much like ice cream. It was very good though. I have a coconut milk chocolate Oreo ice cream I want to try next.
It turned out very pretty!

Was so easy to make on a hot summer day!

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