Saturday, January 5, 2013

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone, I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Christmas at the Brainard's house was especially fun this year with it being Austin's first Christmas. I don't think he got into it like his mom did but he did liked the wrapping paper of course. The bow is still in his toy box.
   Noah got his wisdom teeth out the Friday before Christmas. After his appointment we headed over to Jeremy and Deanna's to spend a long weekend. Deanna and I went out for a girls lunch date on Saturday afternoon at the Lunchbox and on Sunday we sang at the nursing home and Austin, Brianna and I payed a quick visit to Nene (Jeanine) and Pat. Deanna and I spent Monday cleaning and getting ready for Christmas Day. We took the three boys outside to play in the snow and slide on the pond. On Christmas Day the Velie family got together at Jeremy and Deanna's house; Grandpa and Grandma Velie and Uncle  Tom and Aunt Kay's family came as well. We had a wonderful spread of tacos with all the fixings you can think of. Grandma played the piano and little kids ran all over the played inside and out; skating and snowmobiling. We played games and everyone eat Christmas goodies and drank hot chocolate. KayLee and I had our annul walk, talk, laughs and photo shoot.
   Everyone says Christmas is a time to love but it is not the only time to love. We should be loving all the time. The Bible teaches us so much about loving. People need to remember that Christmas is not a time of show but rather a time to show love and Christ. Tell people why Jesus came to earth so very long ago. So that He could die on the cross and forgive sinful retches such as I. So while getting caught up in all the hustle and bustle remember to share the greatest gift of all; the plan of Salvation. I know it is the greatest gift I have ever received.
Austin with his present. 
A Car! Noah made it.
He loved the bow.
Happy face!!
Another one.
Another toy made by Dad
Brainard family Christmas 2012

                                Fun times with my Best Friend and our Annual Christmas Tradition

Love her!!                       
Snow Fight (She started it!)                            


In honor of KayLee